The Derby Artefacts Recovery Club was formed in 1977 by Gordon Edwards and David Anthony Wright. Gordon was Chairman for 18 years and Rod Furniss became Chairman thereafter and has remained in the role for the last 17 years. David 'Tony' Wright has been the Club Secretary, Treasurer and Site Co-Ordinator since the beginning.

Tony's late wife, Alice, was a Committee Member until she passed away in 2010. During her 36 years of metal detecting she probably found more than anyone else including 4 treasure trove inquests.

During the early days, the club searches would be at such places as Chatsworth Park, Kedleston Park, Trentham Gardens etc. but today permission is no longer granted within these places but then 'finds' were mostly modern anyway.

It is not easy to find suitable land for the Club now as lots of things are against you. Too many enthusiasts are asking permission off land owners but most are reluctant to grant that permission. Tony continues to work hard to secure suitable sites for the Club and he would like the support of members to locate potential sites that he can investigate.

We hope to hold a finds exhibition in 2014 and to include one or two guest speakers at our monthly meetings. The Committee are intending to hold exhibitions at some of the local country shows - e.g. the Brailsford Ploughing Match, which is a big show, in order to obtain land for us to search. Attending these events in the past has proven to be fruitful with a number of landowners granting permission for the Club to legally metal detect on their land.

Hopefully, you will enjoy browsing our site, uploading your own photographs and even producing your own blog. We look forward to welcoming new members to the Club and to this site so take the time to check the various interesting links we have available. In addition, we are always pleased to hear your comments and feedback so click on our 'forum' link.

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